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The busier you are at work, the more productive and organized you have to be!

With MS Outlook, you can do much more than just send and receive email! MS Outlook’s email module is just 15% of the true power of the software! Other powerful features include using Microsoft Outlook to organize your appointments, meetings and private work time. Moreover, once you have mastered the entire software, you can ensure greater productivity in your work schedule! Make multi-tasking easy for yourself and get work done in less time!

This webinar by expert Karla Brandau will teach you howto pack your day with greater productivity and equip yourself with various tips and tricks for MS Outlook that can help you to take control of your work and get things done faster! From staying on top of coming deadlines, finishing work faster, organizing schedules and mastering the art of email –this webinar is a must-attend for everyone who wishes to learn the true potential of MS Outlook! 

Session Highlights: 

. Use the Tasks folder 

. Differentiate between the To-Do List, the To-Do Bar, and the Tasks folder       

. Use the Outlook Calendar to pace daily productivity  

. Prioritize and keep track of all assignments and goals

. Keep on top of all delegated initiatives

Learn how to use the Calendar for:

. Managing daily workflow, not just a way to keep track of appointments and meetings

. Keeping a time log

. Estimating the time a task will take to complete

. Keeping track of project deadlines

. Ensuring you keep track of personal “life balance”activities

. Using Categories to help you sort information

. Using the “All day event” designation for your advantage

You’ll also be given a tutorial on using Outlook Tasks to:

. Prioritize assigned tasks and projects

. Create new folders for complex tasks

. Organize details of assigned tasks

. Capture all details of every project

. Log all tasks you have been assigned

. Ensure assignments do not slip through the cracks

. Assign tasks to direct reports or team members

. Keep track of the owner of each task

Who Should Attend:

. Administrative Personnel 

. Team Leaders   

. Managers  

. Team Members 

. Project Managers 

. Recruiters 

. Trainers 

. Executives  

. Sales Professionals  

. Customer Service Personnel  

. Employees who use Microsoft Outlook for Work


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