IRS Forms Update 2016 & Handling an IRS Dispute

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As IRS tax forms change annually, it is important to understandtax forms as it needs to be completed on a quarterly and an annual basis.

Not only Form 941 should be reconciled with Schedule B but also withForm W-2, when submitted to the Social Security Administration for assessmentof Penalties, Fines and Interest. 

It becomes an extremely difficult task to complete the Tax Forms whenEmployer offers benefits. Third party sick pay is a perfect example of such abenefit. It is important to know how to report the wages and taxes withheld orpaid as it is crucial to complete the form correctly.

This webinar by our expert speaker Dayna Reum coversthe IRS Form 941, 940 and its accompanying Form Schedule B for 2016.  Itdiscusses what is new in the Tax form in 2016 and covers the requirements forcompleting each form line by line. It includes the filing requirements and tipson reconciling and balancing the two forms.

This webinar will do a review and inform about changes in Form 941, 940& W-2 for 2016. A brief overview of the new ACA forms will be includedfor reference. The webinar also covers the forms used to amend the returns.

Key Featuresof the Webinar:

Quarterly TaxReporting-Form 941

.  Form Reporting Requirements

.  Deadlines and Penalties

.  Line by line review of the 2016 Form 941

.  Tips for completing the Schedule B—liability datesvs. deposit dates

.  Tips to balance Form 941 and Schedule B to thepenny—as required by the IRS

.  Form due dates

Annual EmployeeReporting-Form W-2

. Box by Box overview

. Common Mistakes

. How to reconcile the Forms 941 with the Forms W-2

. What to do if you discover an error in deposits forthe quarter when completing the Form 941

. Using the 941X form to correct the Form 941

Annual FUTAReporting-Form 940

. Basics of Form 940

. Changes to Form 940

. Common Mistakes

Handling an IRSDispute

Who ShouldAttend:

.  Payroll Professionals

.  Human Resources and Accounting Personnel

.  Business Owners

.  Lawmakers

.  Attorneys 

.  Any individual or entity that must deal with thecomplexities and technicalities of the payroll process


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