Filing EEO-1 Form in 2019

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The deadline for filing your EEO-1 report is right around the corner!  It is vitally important that you prepare this form correctly as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs uses your information to determine whether your company should be audited.  Inaccurate information could also suggest willfulness in not being honest which can lead to penalties or criminal charges.  While the document may seem “just a piece of paper,” classifying your employees correctly can be a difficult task.  Gathering the information you need can also be difficult.  This webinar will walk you through step by step of what you need to do to ensure compliance and to assist you in using the report to uncover potential pay discrimination issues so you can rectify them. 

Learning Benefits:

.  New filing deadlines

.   The Revival of the EEO-1 form requiring compensation data

   Why the Court Revived the EEO-1 form requiring compensation data
.   The EEOC’s Response to the Court

.  Obtaining the race and gender information you need

.  How to determine your job groupings

.  Single establishment vs. multi-establishment employers – how do they file?

.  What the government does with your EEO-1 report

.  Using your EEO-1 report to find potential pay discrimination

.  Conducting a pay discrimination audit

.  Updates on collection of compensation data

Who should Attend?

.  Chief Financial Officers, Human Resource Managers, Pay Analysts

.  Payroll Professionals

.  HR Professionals

.  Finance & Accounting Executives

.  Controllers

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