Preparing for a REAC inspection with 2019 updates

LIVE  May 08, 2019 1:00PM EST

Duration : 60 min

16 days ago

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This seminar will go into detail on the UPCS property standard guidelines as well as the Real Estate Assessment Canter (REAC) inspection process. It will contain information on the latest rules and how they are interpreted during an inspection of the property. The UPCS guidelines are required for LIHTC properties so this course will go into detail so that you may remain in compliance.  There will be a number of actual photos of non- compliance items to give you a better understanding of the need for these minimum standards. Learn how to schedule, how to accompany the inspector while at your property and how to stop a REAC inspection in progress if need be.


This program will provide answers to these important questions:

.  What are the latest updates to UPCS rules
.  How are these rules interpreted
.  How often will we be inspected?
.  What do the scores mean?
.  What are my rights during an inspection?
.  What are Exigent Health and Safety Items and how are they mitigated?
.  How do I get a copy of the report?

These are the prime areas to be covered in this session. There will be time for you will come away with an understanding of the rules pertaining to REAC as well as the entire inspection process.

This should be mandatory attendance for anyone involved in property management. This is an important inspection and you should learn what needs to be done in preparation for the inspection, what the rules are for correcting deficiencies and the time lines involved.

We will look at real world examples of all of these problems and help provide solutions for you.


.  Property Managers
.  Property owners 
.  Leasing Consultants
.  Housing Authority Staff
.  Tax credit compliance staff

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