Handling Multi-State Payroll Compliance


Duration : 60 min


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Why is Multi-state Tax Compliance so hard and how can you properly compensate employees who work in different states?

You must have faced challenges in payroll processing that often result in penalizing for non-compliance of various state laws. Since many states have non-resident income tax withholding rules, factors such as residency determinations, fringe benefits, state income tax, out-of-state child support, etc. it is essential for payroll professionals to calculate flawless payrolls to avoid any litigation by state payroll tax auditors.

Join us in this webinar by expert Dayna Reum, who will explain the right measures in complying to various payroll laws and determine tax guidelines for employees who live and work in different states. You will benefit by learning to calculate payroll for employees who work in multiple states by getting updated about how other state laws can affect payroll calculations.

The session will focus on Key Topics such as:

.  HR and Administrative Concerns while filing tax returns

.  Local Tax Residency rules

.  Reciprocity Agreements

.  Resident/Non-Resident Withholding Compliance Rules

.  Evaluating taxation for multiple states

.  What wages are subject to taxation?

.  State Unemployment Insurance

.  How states tax “Road Warriors” or Traveling Employees

.  Updates on Mobile Workforce State Income Tax 

.  Classic and informative Case Studies

Who Can Benefit From This Conference?

.  Payroll & Tax Professionals

.  HR Professionals

.  Finance and Accounting Professionals

.  CPA's Book Keepers

.  Attorneys

.  Business Owners

.  Compensation and Benefits Executives


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