Multi-state Regulation- Ensuring Compliance with Current, New, and Proposed State Specific Laws!

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Duration : 90 min

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Many companies have challenges keep track and keeping up with all the workplace laws and regulations that impact companies with more than 20 employees when they are in one state. Think of the challenges when the company has locations in multiple states and even across International locations. Companies are at risk for several workplace laws that can impact many parts of an organization. From staffing, hiring, compensation, background screening, employee leave management, performance, social media, public sector, termination and discrimination are just some of the areas that will impact the risk management in companies and companies should take this seriously.

Fines and penalties lead the list of compliance concerns in multi-state laws. What works in one state will not work in another. A company without a knowledgeable HR professional or compliance resource can get drowned in all the ways that the multi-state differences can be confusing, time consuming, multifaceted and complicated to ensure that an organization complies. Here are other factors that can impact the risk for multi-state organizations:

This webinar will help you identify the many workplace regulations that impact not only state specific organizations but, it will help identify the numerous regulations for multi-state organizations.

.      Employee applications

.      Criminal Background Screening Regulations

.      DOL New Overtime Rule

.      Salary Question Prohibited in Hiring

.      Paid leave laws

.      Pay equity

.      Employee wages/minimum wage

.      Employee classification

.      Drug testing Guidelines

.      Marijuana Legalized in the Workplace

.      Immigration compliance

.      Non-compete agreements

.      Severance agreements

.      Non-solicitation

.      Employee handbooks

.      Reporting

.      Retaliation

.      Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Polices

.      Independent Contractors vs employees

.      Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Pay Data Reporting


.     What has been the historical perspective with regulations established?

.     Why were these regulations created?

.     What has driven regulatory agencies to create the many workplace regulations and laws?

.     What has been the most helpful regulations created?

.     What has been the most challenging regulation for Employers?

.     What are the types of challenges that impact Employers from multi-state organizations?

.     What are the best practices for organizations with multi-state locations?

.     How can we use technology to mitigate the challenges Employers face with multi-state locations?

.     What resources can assist organizations in creating strategies to mitigate multi-state challenges?

.     To identify what state specific regulations, must comply?

.     What multi-state regulations they need to be aware of and what policies they need to create?

.     Which multi-state regulations impact Employers more than others?

.     Which new laws have changed the playing field for Employers to reduce risk?

.     What policies can be created to mitigate all the new regulations?

.     Whether to create policies or create an Employee Handbook to mitigate multi-state laws;

.     What communication strategies need to be developed to ensure effective communication by Employers to employees on the many multi-state regulations

.     What tools need to be used to arm Employers with the many resources that will help them mitigate these regulations?

.     Which regulations carry more risk than others?

This webinar will help you identify the many workplace regulations that impact not only state specific organizations but, it will help identify the numerous regulations for multi-state organizations.


.      Business Owners, Company Leadership and Board of Directors (CFO, COO, CEO)

.      Federal Contractors

.      Department Heads

.      Human resources professionals

.      Compliance professionals

.      Payroll professionals

.      Managers/Supervisors& new and potential Managers

.      Office Managers responsible for HR responsibilities

.      Person responsible for Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

**Ask your question directly from our expert during the Q&A session following the live event.

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