Onboarding, Getting it Right: Best Practices for New Hires

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Get acquainted with the latest best practices in the process of on-boarding a new employee in your organization to boost employee retention, and how on-boarding programs help new employees perform remarkably.

For a new employee, the idea of long-term job retention should be placed in his/her mind at the very beginning. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose out on a talented employee, would you? The reality is that about 30%of employees don’t make it past their first year due to improper orientation programs and you know that it’s really expensive to hire new employees over and over again!

New employees in your company should be welcomed with a proper process because your goal as an administrator is to put up the best first impression of your company in their eyes. Conventional Orientation Programs last only a day or two and may seem boring to most employees. This is where on boarding plays a vital role. It begins as a blended learning program over a period of time where the employee learns the ins and outs of your business process in the simplest manner possible. Not only does it boost the productivity of the new employee in the first year of hiring, but it also makes them confident enough to feel welcome in your organization – the first step to successful employee retention!

Key Features of the Conference

Good recruitment and hiring can be quickly undone by disorganized and poorly executed new employee orientation. Research reveals that on-boarding boosts the chances of retaining new hires by over 69% for at least 3 years!

On-boarding is a systematic comprehensive on-boarding process that boosts the long-term prospects of the new employees you hire. If their orientation is commenced with an effective program, employees can getup-to-speed quicker and stay on the job longer when their first-year experience is well managed.

It can be illustrated with a simple idea – it is the difference between an employee beginning a new job and an employee becoming an intrinsic,invaluable and long-term asset of the business organization. As a business administrator or recruiter, your aim should be to fast-track new employees towards productivity and making them contribute towards the company’s turnover as soon as possible.

This webinar by expert Wes Pruett sets out to illustrate the power of a streamlined and well-conceptualized on-boarding process. In the webinar, he will illustrate the best practices you can use in your on-boarding process that integrates the employee into the company through socialization,acculturation, training, and coaching.

Moreover, the webinar will show you how best of class programs start on-boarding during recruitment and have a systematic program for the first year of work. You will also get to learn the key components of a cost-effective on-boarding plan that will increase retention and productivity. 

The Session will cover Key Topics such as:

· The purpose and benefits of a great on-boarding program.

· Understand the 5 key components of a best practices on-boarding program.

· Understand the four “C’s”: Compliance,Clarification, Culture, Connection.

· Applying gamification to on-boarding – why and how?

· How to structure a comprehensive on-boarding plan?

· Five metrics to help measure effectiveness.

· How to build connections with new hires?

· How retention interviews support on-boarding?

· Receive an assessment of your on-boarding program.

· Receive coaching and mentoring questions to build engagement and loyalty.

· How to use technology to modernize your onboarding program

· Best practices for effective programs.

· Problems and pitfalls to avoid in building your program.

· Tips and ideas to make your program more effective.

· Coaching questions for retention and engagement.

· On-boarding program assessment.

· List of 50+ on-boarding best practices. 

Who Can Benefit From This Conference?

· Human Resources professionals, recruiters,counsellors, Talent Acquisition, employee retention and performance appraisers

· Managers, Team Leaders, Business Unit Heads

· Supervisors, HR Generalist

· Organizational development and training experts


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