The Retention Secret: How to Conduct Stay Interviews

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Employees are thetalent that your company thrives on and high turnover can mean that valuabletalent is unnecessarily walking out the door. The cost of turnover isastronomical but there is an effective strategy that can mitigate the impact oflosing your key assets. “Stay/Retention Interviews” offer a solution tohelp retain employees by understanding those specific factors that drive themto stay or leave plus they provide an action plan designed to retain thoseemployees. Please join us to learn how to implement Retention Interviews inyour organization.

High-performing andkey employees drive the success of the company and as leaders we must implementsolutions not only to retain their employment but also to maximize theirengagement and contribution. They are your assets and allies for effectivebusiness. Before they submit a resignation letter, it is best to know thereasons why a talented employee would consider  leaving the company. Thebest-practice solution is – Stay Interviews.

Key Features of the Conference
Employee turnover across the country and world-wide has been increasing and isexpected to continue to rise, leading to increased recruitment costs andreduced company effectiveness. Over 80% of companies report difficulty inrecruiting key talent making retention a key initiative. Moreover, stayinterviews have the benefit of increasing employee motivation, engagement,development, and empowerment.

Stay interviewsprovide the opportunity to conduct structured dialogue with employees thatresults in an action plan and their commitment of continued employment. Thesestrategic interviews assess an employee’s concerns as well as determine thosefactors that will positively impact their retention. Other retention strategiestake a one-size-fits –all approach where retention interviews tailor thestrategy to the individual. Stay interviews engage the employee in the processwith results that create buy-in and commitment.

As an employer,recruiter or employee development professional, you should continually improve methodsof retaining existing employees and evaluate the adverse effects that mayarise if a high-impact employee tends to leave the company.

Exit interviews arecommonly used but they represent a reactive approach that is too little and toolate. Why wait until  the employee resigns to determine their concerns? Inthis webinar by expert speaker Wes Pruett, you will learn the specificsteps to conducting a stay interview and receive a toolkit to conduct effectiveretention interviews. You will also learn how CEOs across the country haveidentified employee retention as a critical business imperative and stayinterviews offer a targeted and specific solution to turnover.

Also, you will learn how retention interviews offer a targeted process forfocusing retention efforts on high impact employees and how retentioninterviews done at the right time can identify areas of retention risk and aproactive solution for managing risk.

The Session will cover Key Topics such as:

·  Learn a system for tracking retention inrelation to risk of leaving and employee performance.

·  Understand the real cost of turnover.

·  Understand the factors of why employees stayand why they leave.

·  Understand the cycle of a retention plan andthe important metrics to measure.

·  Understand the link between employeesatisfaction, motivation, and engagement and how it relates to stay interviews.

·  Learn why retention interviews are vastlysuperior to exit interviews.

·  Learn how to hold managers accountable forretention.

·  Learn the 5 essential communication steps inthe interview process.

·  Understand the process of using the retentioninterview toolkit.

·  Learn how to set the stage for an effectivestay interview.

·  Learn how to actually conduct the retentioninterview.

·  Learn the specific process for conductingstay interviews.

·  Receive questions linked to the 10 essentialretention factors.

Bonus Material
Participants will receive a toolkit for conducting stay interviews. The toolkitwill contain:

·  Supervisor’s pre-interview form to setthe stage for the interview.

·  Staff retention interview questionnaire

·  Retention Interview Form with specificquestions in 10 key areas including an individualised retention plan for eachemployee.

Who Can Benefit From This Conference?

·  HR Manager, HR Directors & HRProfessionals

·  Employee Development Professionals

·  Team Leaders

·  Managers


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