OSHA Final Rule on Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illness - Updates for 2016

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The electronic rulecalled “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illness” was finalized bythe Occupational Safety and Health Administration on May 11, 2016. The recenteffective date for the Final Rule is August 10,2016. The Final Rule has twomain elements; electronic submission and updates to how employers informemployees to report work-related illness or injuries. The requirementsrelating to the electronic submission of Part 1904 recordkeeping forms becomeeffective January 1, 2017. 
This on-demand webinar by our expert speaker Sheldon Primus willcover these new laws that will increase OSHA's fines and how it willimpact you organization.

Session Objectives:

·  Overview of current 29 CFR 1904 rules

·  Understand the new recordkeeping rules

·  New OSHA authority to address retaliationclaims

·  Review OSHA’s motive to changing the rules

·  Gain an understanding of how the landscape ofregulations is about to change

·  Introduce the new laws that will increaseOSHA fines

·  How OSHA will be viewing post-accident drugtesting

·  How OSHA will be viewing employee incentiveprograms

·  How to report to OSHA

How to Record Illness/Injury step-by-step explanation

·  Did the employee experience an injury orillness?

·  Is the injury or illness work-related?

·  Is the injury or illness a new case?

·  Does the injury or illness meet the generalcriteria or the application to specific cases?

Who Should Attend:

·  Company owners

·  Plant Safety Professionals

·  Plant Engineers

·  Plant Compliance Officers

·  Manufacturing, Chemicals, CPG and RetailSafety Professionals

·  Supply Chain and Transportation Professionals

·  Human Resource Professionals

·  Risk managers


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