Creating an Effective Safety and Health Program for Risk Management and OSHA Compliance

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Having an effectivesafety and health program will reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, while increasingthe company’s revenue. Implementing a safety and health program will alsodecrease work stoppage and damage to material, machinery, and property.

Key Topics of the Conference:-

1.  The TrueCost of an Accident

·  What goes into worker’s compensation premiumcalculations?

·  What are direct costs of an accident?

·  What are indirect costs of an accident?

·  What is the factor that creates mostworkplace accidents?

2.  ManagementLeadership

·  When top level management is involved andinvested in continuous improvement in the workplace safety and health theemployees will respond in kind.

·  All levels of management must be heldaccountable for maintaining workplace safety and health policies and procedures.

·  What are the barriers to managementcommitment and leadership?

3.  WorkerParticipation

·  Workers must be active participants in theirown safety and health for the program to be effective.

·  Contractor and temporary workers must beinvolved in the safety system of the host employer.

·  What are the barriers to worker involvement?

4.  HazardIdentification and Assessment

·  What is a hazard? Who is a competent personand what is their role in hazard identification?

·  Procedures for worksite analysis must beutilized to identify hazards. What are some hazard identification tools?

·  What are some hazard assessment tools?

5.  HazardPrevention and Control

·  What are the ways to control hazards?

·  What is a financial technique used to controlhazards?

·  What is the hierocracy for hazard control?

6.  Educationand Training

·  How can I find the OSHA requirements fortraining?

·  What are the host employer responsibilitiesfor training temporary workers?

·  What are effective ways to develop, deliverand assess training?

7. Coordination and Communication on Multiemployer Worksites

·  What standards include multi-employercoordination?

·  How do I identify hazards for temporaryworkers?

Who can Benefit from this Conference:

·  CEO or Company Executive

·  Compliance, Safety & Security Officer

·  Director of Risk Management

·  Director of Human Resources

·  Regulatory Compliance Agent

·  Risk Advisor-Insurance Companies

·  General Contractors

·  Process Technicians

·  Warehouse Managers

·  General Employees


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