Our Refund Policy:

We strongly believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer. We thrive to sustain uttermost levels of customer satisfaction and are well committed to deliver the best-in-breed quality of products and services. We value lasting relationships by meeting your desired expectations and follow transparent money return policy aligned to the terms and conditions and depending on the product purchased.

For live webcast/ conference, entitlement for a refund, if and only:

  • You are unable to attend the conference due to technical problem/ glitches from Skillnotch's end.

  • Additionally, if it's stated after attending the session that the audio/ sound was not audible or could not view the presentation screen, you may be asked to mention the time and duration during which you faced the issue. We may process your refund on gaining satisfactory facts on the case. 

    We are not liable for a refund if incase:

    1.You left the on-going session in between after logging in;
    2.Incompletion of the session due to technical difficulty/problem at your (attendee's) end;
    3. Purchase of any webinar in LIVE, on-demand, direct download format and most importantly the All Access Pass (one year membership) that does not meet attendee (s)/registrant's expectations and is reported after 24 hours.
    4.The content and the presentation of the session were not satisfactory in your view.

    Special Instructions for Training CD/DVDs, E-Books, Direct Downloads and E-Transcripts:

    No refunds are applicable on purchase of Non-Live option, E-Transcripts and other direct and digital downloads and All Access Pass. However, you'll receive CEU credits, if applicable, for the purchase.

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